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2011 Subaru WRX STI

2011 Subaru WRX STI, originally uploaded by touge-n00b.

At my test drive of the 2011 WRX, I also got to check out the 2011 STI. Oooohh, it’s a badass car. Too bad I never got to drive it. I was afraid if I drove it I would end up feeling the WRX was crap. I will say that it is superior as an enthusiast car, and not just because of the obvious performance upgrades. It’s a lot of little details as well, like for example the all black headlining in the interior, versus the rent-mobile-look light-grey inside the WRX. If I could afford one, I’d sign on the dotted line in a heartbeat right now, I really would. But I can’t, so I won’t. Sad Panda yo.

Check out more pics via my FLICKR!


HIIC Summer Shrimp Cruise 2010

Ah Summer, that can only mean one thing: car cruise with the Subaru blokes (and girls as well)!

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Cosworth STI CS400

Because everything is better in matte-black, Cosworth did an STI in the evil paint-scheme. Oh yeah, and there’s a whole lot of go to go along with the show (yeah yeah sorry, cliché statement)…

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, originally uploaded by Glenn Nuijens – Photography.

I’ll take the green one.

2011 Impreza WRX STI

The STI sedan is back. And no, that’s NOT enthusiasm in my voice….

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STI @ Ke’anae

STI @ Ke’anae, originally uploaded by robertchampion.

Ah, Robs GR STI. I effin love this car! Hatchbacks FTW! And what’s worse? It’s for sale! Even worse?? I can’t sell my Legacy, so I can’t even attempt to purchase this beautiful STI. FML…

Check out more of Rob’s awesome pics at his flickr!!

Into the Sunset

Into the Sunset, originally uploaded by iNfEk.

I was planning on writing about why I want the MKVI so much, but I have a headache, so just a random picture today.

Shot courtesy of my good friend Jon. This is THE favorite shot of my favorite car. I still to this day don’t understand why I sold it. I may talk about all the types of cars I want as my next, but I can honestly say I won’t be surprised if I end up in another WRX (or even better an STI!). I love my subys!

This picture also reminds me how much I love rolling shots. We gotta get that going again!


, originally uploaded by iNfEk.

Well, I’m trying to make at least one post a day, so more car-pr0n for yall! Check out my friend Jon’s WRX, the baddest bug-eye on the island!

Subaru STI R205. And no, you can’t have this either.

Subaru releases details for a new hot-version of the STI. And no, if you live anywhere outside of Japan, you can’t have this either.

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