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The “New” Ride

Remember what I said in my post a few days ago about a CRX? Yeah, so I picked one up last night. It’s a 91 Si, and besides the ricer coilovers and ridiculous intake, it’s stock. The interior is what sold me, as it’s in great condition. I’m not exactly sure what my plans are for the car yet, but this is going to be my fun-to-drive weekend-mobile and maybe autocrosser. First thing I need to do is scrap this crappy sleeve coilover springs.


Honda CRX

los., originally uploaded by J. Photography.

Another one in my future?? I’m really thinking about it at the moment…

Let’s Set Sail for FAIL: Honda CR-Z Hybrid

Honda, you just don’t get it do you…

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Photo Spotlight: Dylan’s Honda Del-Sol

Pictures of the car affectionately known as the Del-Slo!

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