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VW Passat CC

VW Passat CC, originally uploaded by N.Gabe.

Finally got to drive one of these the other night, and I have to say, as far as styling goes, it’s brilliant! The exterior is sexy, that’s a given, but the interior is just as good looking, and exudes class. I still stand by my statement that the VW group builds THE best interiors in the business. Yes I know VW have a bad reputation for building interiors that don’t last and fall apart, but who’s to say they havent improved? Only time will tell, and besides, as Jeremy Clarkson said: “Who chooses a car with reliability being your top priority? That’s like choosing a girlfriend only because she’s punctual!”


Rolling Sciroccos

Rolling Sciroccos, originally uploaded by ekkoj.

I was watching some old Fifth Gear episodes today (thus the video I posted earlier), and came across one that featured the VW Scirocco. I forgot how good looking a car it is, so of course I had to search Flickr for some Scirocco goodness. Here’s a nice pic!

Why don’t we get this car here!?!? Why why why!?!?!? Damn you car companies for bringing NOTHING of value to the US. Or should I say damn the US? No, then everyone will call me a terrorist. Or hippie.

I want my Scirocco/Focus RS/Legacy S402 damint!

Volkswagen Polo GTI

Screw the Golf GTI, THIS is the GTI I want! Oh wait, we don’t get this here…

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EuroSunday Photo-Meet

Check out my pics from the EuroSunday meet this past Saturday (yeah i know, EuroSunday on a Saturday?)!

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