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I’ve Got a Confession…

So I was recently re-watching this Chirs Harris comparo that isn’t really a comparo… just watch the film and you’ll get it. Anyway, I noted that (twice) in the video, Chirs bemoans people claiming the GT-R has no soul no character. And it got me thinking: You know what? I think it’s time I come clean about something…

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Quick Take: Gran Turismo 5

When this hype-beast of a game was finally released, I was all over the online reviews. I will admit that it was a game I was greatly anticipating, hell I was even planning on buying a PS3 JUST to buy the game really. But the game got mediocre reviews, and many griped over quite a few short comings. The more I read, the more I didn’t want it. I haven’t even played the game and yet I was beginning to hate it…

And on an impulse (a friend was in need of money and was selling his PS3), I bought my second PS3 and my copy of GT5.

And I have to say about it is this: it’s bloody addicting. YES, the game has quite a many faults (long load times even after a MASSIVE install, only 200 of the touted 1000 cars are fully detailed, ALL the cars sound like vacuum cleaners). But I can’t for the life of me put it down. For all it’s faults, it’s still an excellent racing game. If you have any remote interest in high-performance driving with a sense of realism, it simply can’t be beat. I’m not gonna say it’s better than Forza 3, but I’m also not going to say that Forza is better either. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. But I will say that GT5 is a pretty damn good game, and it *may* have been worth the PS3 purchase. Maybe.

What Was I Thinking?

I literally came within a signature away of buying this BMW. Seriously, it was literally THAT close. I had the pen in my hand…

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I’m Certified!

I am certifed to operate a motorbike! Too bad I don’t have one….

“I prefer MotorTrend over Modified”

I’ve very recently begun to notice a big change in relation to the way I love cars. A lot of thoughts after the jump.

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Forza 3: Judgment Porsche 911 GT3

While I’m taking a break from Final Fantasy XIII, I’ve been yet again tweaking on Forza 3s design engine. This one is my favorite.

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R.I.P. Seba Jun aka Nujabes

While you may not recognize the name, if you’ve watched Samurai Champloo, you defiantly know his music. While he’s probably most well-known for his contributions to Samurai Champloo, he’s released a few solo albums, as well as numerous collabs with underground MCs. He recently passed away due to a car accident in Japan, although the news was only released to the media yesterday. It’s really sad to hear of his death, especially because he was so young (36). While I for the most part only listen to J-POP and classical and instrumentals now days, I do love his style of music. This track I posted, Reflection Eternal, was probably my favorite Nujabes track, so I thought it was a fitting tribute.

R.I.P. Seba Jun, you and your music will be missed.

BMW M Bike

Yes I know, all these car companies are getting a bit ridiculous with the branded gear. And yes I know, this bike is RIDICULOUSLY expensive for what it is (an average ho-hum bicycle). But still, would I buy one if I had the money to blow?:…………………….yes. I’m sorry, but I’m the worlds biggest fanboy, so the more the companies make this useless crap, the more I’ll slurp over it. Now, to order some of these Puma M shoes….

Signed: the guy who wears Ferrari shirts and shoes. ^_^

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Final Fantasy XIII: Initial Impressions

Okay yeah, I told myself I wasn’t, but I went ahead and bought FFXIII anyway. What can I say, I’m a Final Fantasy junkie! I just thought I’d make a post about my initial impressions of the game. I’m about, oh 2 and a half hours into it, and have no idea what the percent of the total game that is so yeah. What I can tell you that story wise, it’s everything I’ve come to expect from a Final Fantasy. I’m not going to elaborate too much, mostly because I’m still in the dark about a lot of things. I can say though that I am in love with Lightning. What is it about tough cold chicks that make them so attractive?? I can also see that they really did turn her into a female Cloud. The way she acts and talks is almost spot on when it comes to Cloud, although when it comes to her sister she’s more emotional than I think Cloud would be.

As far as the big issue, the linearity the game, I can totally see why people would be put off by it. It’s pretty much, follow the path laid out for you. However, I play Final Fantasy games almost strictly for the story and presentation, so I can honestly say the linearity doesn’t bother me one bit. The graphics are damn good I might add. I should note that I’m playing the 360 version, but honestly I’ve seen the difference, and in my opinion, people who compare and bash the differences are either just PS3 fanboys, or are just wayyy too OCD. I swear, people now day’s are so fucken critical of every little thing  it makes me want to puke sometimes.

Anyway, check back later when I finish the game for my final verdict!

New Swag

Yes, I am such a fan-boy. Got my package from Amazon yesterday: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya, English adaptions of the light-novels that started the Haruhi BOOM! Nevermind that I’ve already read the fan-translated versions online. The worst part though? They haven’t got to Vanishment yet…