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AutoTRAGIC Crew Shoot.

So for once I could actually take some decent HDRs! So of course, I have to share.

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Because I can never take enough…

….here’s another picture of my own car! I love sky, and I love my front end. So here’s a pic with both!

Random (Epic!) Shot

Don’t you love it when you’re just out snapping pics, and you just happen to take one that blows your mind? Well, not blows my mind, but I have to admit I love this shot. Taken from Tantlus light-side.

20D Random Shots

Here’s a couple of random shot’s I took with my 20D. Still learning what can be done with the camera, although I more or less have it down, being as that the 20D isn’t THAT far off from the XT. That being said, I love this fricken camera so far!

My (Not So) New Toy: Canon EOS 20D

So I went and bought a Canon 20D tonight. Yes, I know you’re all going to call me an idiot for wasting my money. But at least hear out my reasoning after the jump…

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