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2011 Ford Fiesta: Driven!

So you may have heard me going on for months about this hypebeast eco-car from Europe-land. Well today I finally got some time behind the wheel in the form of a short dealership test drive. My impressions after the jump, but I will just say this: I don’t like it any less.

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Ford Fiesta 3D Carbon Kit

Look! This is how the Fiesta should look from the factory! What makes this kit awesome though is the fact that this IS a factory option, so when you spec your Fiesta, you can have the kit installed as well. I know for a fact that if I do decide to pull the plug on the Fiesta, I am definitely getting this kit. I really can’t wait to test drive one. Hope they get here soon!!

Ford Fiesta: Clakrson Approved

A lot of friends are thinking I’m an idiot for having a fascination with the new Ford Fiesta, and always question why I love it so much. Well much apart from the fact that it looks X-times better than the Honda Fit, and the all important three words used to describe it (read: fun-to-drive), it has the MOST important endorsement that is relevant to me: Jeremy Clarkson likes it. And is there any better reason to buy one?

They’re Here…..

The 2011 Fiesta’s are coming! They’re set to be released in May, and the internet has exploded with reviews from online publications. Here’s a sampling:



Motor Trend

Car & Driver

The one I look at the most is Jalopnik. They seem to be the no nonsense kinda guys us normal petrol-heads can relate to, while the other publications try to impress you with numbers and stats. And if Jalopnik likes it so much, it must be a crackin car. I have to say I’m rather surprised that all these publications seem to say the same thing about the Fiesta, which tells me that either Ford’s marketing hand stretches wide, or this really is a damn good car. Anyway, check out the reviews yourself. And now I can’t wait even more. Damint Ford, why must you tempt me so!!

First Hawaiian Bank International Auto Show, Part 1

Some of my favorite shots I took at tonight’s FHB International Auto Show!

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Ken Block’s Rally Spec Ford Fiesta

Thoughts after the jump…

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Driving the Titanic

In case you’re wondering, my daily driver is a 2008 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT. Dont get me wrong, it’s a great car, but more and more I’m begining to think I made the wrong choice….

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