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Long Live the Hatchback

I’m going to say something about the new Ferrari FF that not many of you will agree with. In fact I’m certain quite a great many people will not like what I’m about to say. Okay, here it goes: I actually LIKE the new Ferrari FF. Flamesuit on.

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2011 Mustang GT 5.0 vs E92 BMW M3…….no really!

An unnecessary comparison, but awesome none the less. Yes I know, “the M3 is in a different league” and blah blah blah. But, I mean really, is it now days? I mean, watch the video and look at the raw numbers. IMO, it’s impossible to call one car better than the other definitively. It’s all subjective. All I can say is, thank god they still build some cars like these two!

And what would I choose? If money were an absolute NON issue, the M3. But here in the real world, I’ll put it this way: I think I could afford the Mustang. I know I can’t afford the M3….

2012 Ford Mustang BOSS 302

Yeah, you can go ahead and add this to my list of DO WANTS.

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Audi R8 GT

I’ll just leave these here….

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Cloudy Afternoon

Cloudy Afternoon, originally uploaded by touge-n00b.

Proper shot of my car with the new Volks. Glad the weather stayed at least dry today!

Oh yeah, and ditched the headlight tint. I began to hate the purple look it had to it.

AutoTRAGIC Crew Shoot.

So for once I could actually take some decent HDRs! So of course, I have to share.

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Ferrari California

Ferrari California, originally uploaded by touge-n00b.

Spotted this black throughbread parked outside of poweredge this afternoon. I wasn’t sure about the styling of the California when I first saw it online. But like most cars, it’s a whole lot better in person. I like it!

Officially Official: My Legacy for sale!

Untitled-1, originally uploaded by touge-n00b.

I know, I’ve only had the car for a little while. But there are so much other cars I want and I can afford that I have to at least try and sell it. If it’s meant to be it’s meant to be, if it’s not then oh well!

Details can be found at the craigslist listing: HERE! And if you live in Honolulu, tell your friends!

Random Shot(s): Cool Lighting

Well, I always wanted to take pics on the rooftop of Safeway Kapahulu, and last night I finally got the chance to. The lighting up there is really unique, and I really like the effects. Anyway, here’s a couple pics!

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