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2010 BMW E92 M3

2010 BMW E92 M3, originally uploaded by touge-n00b.

Finally got to “park” one of these tonight and work, and it’s every bit as good as they say it is. I know you can’t tell a lot from just parking a car, but I really believe there is a lot you can tell. And it’s a good car. What must I do to deserve one in life!!


M3 Light

_EOS6073, originally uploaded by eseeramorihs.

Reese continues to amaze me with some of the shot’s he’s been taking recently. And some of the cars he’s been shooting! Damn you Reese! You’re living MY dream!!

BRB, suicide….

Avus Performance BMW E92 M3

Add this car to the long list of my “DO WANTS!”

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Vorsteiner E92 M3

_EOS2235_6_7, originally uploaded by eseeramorihs.

Check out this absolutely MEAN looking E92 M3, shot by fellow blogger Reese (you bastid you!).

And check out the Speedhawaii post here!

Ah……M3 <3.