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The Big One: 12C vs 458. My Choice…

So thanks to a recent Top Gear, my burning automotive passion has been ignited once again on a completely irrelevant (to the normal car guy) yet interesting (to the normal car guy) question: If some magical-mystical force said you could only have ONE car, which would it be?

Awhile ago when all the info on the brand new McLaren came to light, I was tempted by the McLarens mind-blowing-ness. Now though, after sitting here and thinking about it for the past couple of weeks after the Top Gear review aired (and yes, I have no life apparently), is my opinion on the MP4-12C any different?

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The MP4-12C: And Now We Get to the BUT…

Lemme check, yup I am still in love with this car. But, there’s always a but

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My NEW Favorite Supercar…..And I Actually Mean it This Time!

Oh yes, I am in love…

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