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2012 BMW 1 Series M: Yes, I’d Like Some of That!

The M car the M3 should’ve always been…

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Ryan’s E46 M3

Ryan’s E46 M3, originally uploaded by touge-n00b.

So friend of the blog Reese hooked us up with Ryan, and his E46 M3. I don’t really need to say much do I? It’s an M3. You know how big a BMW fanboy I am. Probably the biggest one who doesn’t own one! I’m glad I got to shoot such a great car like this. I’m one of those who thinks the M cars don’t need any modifications, but I can appreciate the tasteful mods Ryan’s done to his. I doubt I have the financial fortitude to own an M model, but a BMW WILL be my next car, I’ve more or less decided that. There’s just something about the way they drive that grabs me.

Anyway, enough fanboy rambling, the pictures: HERE via Flickr. kthanxbai

BMW M Bike

Yes I know, all these car companies are getting a bit ridiculous with the branded gear. And yes I know, this bike is RIDICULOUSLY expensive for what it is (an average ho-hum bicycle). But still, would I buy one if I had the money to blow?:…………………….yes. I’m sorry, but I’m the worlds biggest fanboy, so the more the companies make this useless crap, the more I’ll slurp over it. Now, to order some of these Puma M shoes….

Signed: the guy who wears Ferrari shirts and shoes. ^_^

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