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2012 Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG

So, Benz is rolling out its AMG version of the brand-new CLS-class, with its new 5.5L twin-turbocharged V8. You know the deal, lots of power, fancier suspension, racier exterior. A car not nessicarly for drivers, more for holagans who love tail-out antics.

What bugs me about Benz and their AMG division is that to me all the AMGs end up being basically the same car after a while. An example, the 5.5L TT AMG V8. It’s in the CL63 AMG, the SL63 AMG, and now the CLS63 AMG. And then it’ll inevitably end up in the E63 AMG. And then the S63 AMG. And then the SLK63 AMG. And then the C63 AMG. See what I mean? All AMG do now days is stick the same engine in all of the cars in the Benz line, dictate power-levels based on price, throw on some stiffer suspension, and some AMG badges. And then call it a day. Am I the only one who finds this is a bit boring?

Thank god for the SLS is all I have to say…

Check out the Autoblog post if you want some real info…


Top Gear: CLK 63 AMG Black

Probably one of my all time favorite Top Gear segments of them all. Not necessarily for the car (as awesome as the Black is!), but for the whole concept and theme of the piece. The music, the images, the presentation. It’s just great!

Jeremy sums it up best:”When was the last time you just got up and went for a drive? Not to anywhere, not for anything. Just a drive.” and  “This is brilliant. No phones. No Kids. No interruptions. It’s just me, in my little metal shell. Time to think, time to work stuff out“. Personally I take drives like this all the time. And I think more car enthusiasts would benefit from doing it as well. Because the whole point of cars is driving right??


_DSC9173, originally uploaded by ducktail964.

…AMGs AND Estates need love too! And BBS wheels are ALWAYS nice.

E63 ////AMG

I remember saying that if I could take one car home from the FHB Auto Show to keep for the rest of my life, it’d be the E63 AMG. And this “official” video proves why. Ultimate luxury meets ultimate performance. And if the sound of that 6.2L V8 doesn’t get you going, then that’s a YOU problem.


5th Gear: E92 M3 vs C63 AMG

I couldnt think of anything to post today, so I thought I’d share a clip from Britain’s less known motoring show, Fifth Gear. I love watching Top Gear, but watching Tiff and Jason go at it on the track is hugely entertaining as well.
As for the cars, well I honestly couldnt tell you which I’d prefer, but if I HAD to, it’d be the M3.

AMG Button

AMG Button, originally uploaded by touge-n00b.

I know it’s a gimmick, and I know it’s useless. But I love it. I wish my legacy had an STI Button or something.

I should add that the car that this button is attached to is the E63 AMG. I remember my friend asking me if I could have ONE car from the auto show to keep and use everyday, what would it be. At first I said the Audi S5, but than I thought about it and the E63 came to mind. It really should be the best of both worlds: practical, comfortable to drive daily, and stooopid-fast when you feel like some speed. Yep, it’d definitely have to be this. Although I quite like the C63 as well….

Mercedes Benz SLS: Upside Down!

Now, I’m fairly certain that this video is just a glorified commercial, and the car going upside down is fake. Still, sitting through the video just to hear that glorious AMG 6.2 V8 revving makes it more then worth it. German muscle FTW!!