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Top Gear: Ferrari 458 Italia

Watch it, enjoy it. I’ll keep the commentary short, but I will just say that I can’t remember seeing Jeremy THAT excited behind the wheel of a car. And I’ve seen every Top Gear episode, and bunch of his DVDs. The car must really be THAT good…


Top Gear: Tribute to Ayrton Senna

Quick, watch it before youtube takes it down! I have to say that this episode of Top Gear overall was one of the best, and I have seen them all. Seriously, it’s right up there, maybe even the best? Well, certainly the best in recent memory. And the Senna piece was the cherry on top.

One of the best piece of films Top Gear has ever done. I especially love the bit with Lewis driving Senna’s car. Just epic. I got into F1 way too late to understand the extent of Senna’s skills, but watching this and other old footage, you have to admit that the man was one hell of a drive. I don’t claim to have a greatest driver ever candidate because as I said I got into F1 way too late in life, but with THAT many F1 drivers all agreeing, hard to argue Senna as number one yeah?

And on another note, the film also reminds me how awesome a racing firm Honda was back then. What happened, seriously???

Top Gear: CLK 63 AMG Black

Probably one of my all time favorite Top Gear segments of them all. Not necessarily for the car (as awesome as the Black is!), but for the whole concept and theme of the piece. The music, the images, the presentation. It’s just great!

Jeremy sums it up best:”When was the last time you just got up and went for a drive? Not to anywhere, not for anything. Just a drive.” and  “This is brilliant. No phones. No Kids. No interruptions. It’s just me, in my little metal shell. Time to think, time to work stuff out“. Personally I take drives like this all the time. And I think more car enthusiasts would benefit from doing it as well. Because the whole point of cars is driving right??

Clarkson’s Sierra Cosworth Hot Lap

Yet more visual evidence that yes indeed, Top Gear is STILL the best! You kinda need to watch this weeks episodes to get it (the video), so go! Watch it now!!

As for me? Time to find a Sierra Cosworth……oh wait, America. Damnit…..

Top Gear: Reliant Robin

One of the most hilarious segments on Top Gear. It was seriously funnier than anything last series. Proof that, no, Top Gear has NOT lost it just yet!

Gran Turismo 5: FINALLY(?)!!

A new trailer for the game was released at E3 along with…….*gasp*………a release date!!!  It is scheduled to drop on Nov. 2. Of course as is always the case with Gran Turismo 5, I’ll believe it when I see it. After all we been waiting years for this game, with many said released dates pushed back already. However this one seems to be legit.

Oh yeah, and also: OMG IT’S THE STIG!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I’m getting this game JUST for the Top Gear Test Track, so I can powerslide any car like Jeremy Clarkson. Can’t wait for that!!

Fifth Gear: Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini LP570-4 Superleggera

All I can say is…….can’t wait for Top Gear to drive em. ^_^

Top Gear: Prodrive P2

Another Top Gear blast from the past because, let’s be honest, you can NEVER have enough Top Gear.

Man I love the way the P2 sounds. If I had an Impreza, I’d do all in my power to get my car to sound like that (minus the squirrel mincing). Also, don’t you think Subaru should build something like this?? Seriously, it can’t be that hard, hell make it a joint venture with Prodrive. The Subaru Prodrive P2. I know it’s possible, do it!! Make it now!

Ford Fiesta: Clakrson Approved

A lot of friends are thinking I’m an idiot for having a fascination with the new Ford Fiesta, and always question why I love it so much. Well much apart from the fact that it looks X-times better than the Honda Fit, and the all important three words used to describe it (read: fun-to-drive), it has the MOST important endorsement that is relevant to me: Jeremy Clarkson likes it. And is there any better reason to buy one?

Top Gear USA Confirmed

Well, some interesting news crossed the wire today. Seems the American version of the insanely popular British motor show Top Gear has (finally) got the green light and is slated for release this fall on the History Channel. And as an insanely rabid Top Gear fan, I’m kinda worried. I know there’s absolutely no way in hell it will match up to the British version, after all I can assure you that Clarkson and the boys receive a MUCH bigger budget. The thing that worries me is that it will sully the good Top Gear name to all the unwashed masses as a boring car show. I have no idea about the other two hosts, but I am familiar with Tanner Foust, and while I’ll admit he’s a bloody good driver, personality wise he’s no Richard Hammond. I’ve seen a show he hosts on Speed Channel, and he himself is quite boring to be honest. He doesn’t seem to have the wit and sarcasm that Clarkson, Hammond, and May have. And for me, that’s one of the things that separate Top Gear from all the other motor shows out there. That being said, maybe he’ll improve for a franchise as illustrious as Top Gear? I sure hope so. And I sure hope I’m wrong and the program is a huge success, as it can only mean good things for the original if the American spin-off is successful. But I just have this nagging suspicion that it’ll almost certainly be shi……

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