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2500 Miles with the BRZ


My it’s been awhile huh? Well, 2500 miles with the BRZ and here’s the short story: it’s a wonderful, fantastic, brilliant car. Want the longer version? Hit the jump.

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Winding Road, Part Deux

Me and friend of the blog R. Shiroma (who I must once again give credit to the photo for!) took our local winding road (you know the one I mentioned in an earlier post) for a spin this early evening. Got to push the car a bit more not having to worry about as much militant joggers (although we still did run into people walking their dogs, in darkness, weird…).

And…..yup, I still love this car. It’s just so much easier to drive that much faster on this type of road than my WRX was. Sure you put a pro driver in the seat without the inhibitions you get with driving a public road and I guarantee the WRX will be faster. But I’m not Sebastian Vettel, and I need to worry about old ladies walking their dogs. So in the real world? Yeah, I’ll take the BRZ please.

Natural Habitat.

Enough beating around the bush, let’s see what the BRZ is like on the types of roads this thing was made for.

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The BIG BRZ Post

So I got’s a BRZ. I’ve been hyping this car since last November when the production version was officially released. And god damnit you’re probably sick to death of me right? Well friends, I’m sorry but I need to make this post. So here we go, my full initial impressions of the BRZ. Want the tl;dr version? It’s a fantastic little car.

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BRZ, Up Close and (Not-So) Personal


Look, by now you’re all probably sick of hearing me profess my love for this car from the top of my blog mountain-top, and if you are I apologize for maybe over-saturating it. However, I’m NOT going to apologize for the borderline obsession I have over this car. Read more of this post

Worth the Price of Admission

Alright I’m sick of the lot of you complaining that the FR-S (and subsequently the BRZ) is too expensive and not worth it. Wait, that’s a bit harsh. What I’m really sick of is the people comparing it to the *cheaper* Hyundai Genesis. Please, just listen and let me explain my reasoning…

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This Could…, SHOULD be Great….

Ladies and gentlemen, rejoice! The beige-ification of the automobile is not here yet, and a huge player in the game is showing you why. Not only do I want this car, but more so than that, I want it to resounding sales success. Here’s why…

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Scion iQ Priced at $15,995……No That’s Not a Typo.

I know, I get it. I get this car’s selling point: it’s small and efficient transportation for those young hipsters who live in San Francisco or some other cluttered city. And said hipsters will pay whatever Scion/Toyota asks. But still 16K?? I don’t know, I can’t justify that price when for the same money you can get a Ford Fiesta or Mazda 2. Or hell, you could get a Fiat 500! The 500 is only a tiny bit bigger, but is a bit more useable and has so much more Italian flair. I just don’t get it, but again I know there are those out there who will pay the price for the iQ.

Don’t get me wrong, I do quite like the idea of a really really small car. Just a shame Toyota in their all-knowing ways decided the American market doesn’t need a manual transmission. Ah well, hipsters don’t know how to drive a manual anyway…



REDxb (1 of 1)

REDxb (1 of 1), originally uploaded by iNVision ART.

A car from the HelluvaRides show I missed. Nice rims.

Random Shot: X Boxin Far Stance

X Boxin Far Stance, originally uploaded by iNVision ART.

Testing out this new bloggin through FLICKR thing. Check out this pic from friend Walter R. Good job Walt!