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The “New” Ride

Remember what I said in my post a few days ago about a CRX? Yeah, so I picked one up last night. It’s a 91 Si, and besides the ricer coilovers and ridiculous intake, it’s stock. The interior is what sold me, as it’s in great condition. I’m not exactly sure what my plans are for the car yet, but this is going to be my fun-to-drive weekend-mobile and maybe autocrosser. First thing I need to do is scrap this crappy sleeve coilover springs.


Honda CRX

los., originally uploaded by J. Photography.

Another one in my future?? I’m really thinking about it at the moment…

My First “Euro”

A lot of friends have been telling me I have a weird obsession with Euro-cars these days. And with the amount of Top Gear I’ve been watching, they’d be right. I’m almost 90% certain my next car will be of European descent. However I realized last night that it won’t be my first. Well, sort of…

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Mark’s Civic Si

Just sharing some snaps (beat you to it Reese!) I took of a clean-looking Honda Civic Si with a JDM front end! I love the JDM front, think it looks SO much better than the USDM one. Dirty little secret: while shopping around for my WRX, I was also looking at one of these. Too bad the dealers wanted too much for them at the time. Greedy bastards. Anyway, enjoy the rest at my set on FLICKR! And thanks to Mark for letting me snap the car!