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The 2012 Ford Focus is a Really Good Car, No Really!

Now I know YOU might think I’m going out on a limb now, but I’ve spent enough time around the 2012 Ford Focus to say that it IS a good car. No, not just good compared to the old car (because that’s a given of course, a really annoying back itch was better than the old USDM Focus), but good compared to the recent cars from Honda and Toyota. I can unequivocally stand here with my hand on my heart and say that I WOULD buy a Focus over a Civic or Corolla. And I’d tell my mom to buy one too.

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2012 Ford Focus ST

I give you the American bound Ford Focus ST. Did I buy too soon??

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, originally uploaded by Glenn Nuijens – Photography.

I’ll take the green one.

More Focus RS500

More RS goodness I found on the official website. I want this car so badly in my life.

Ford Focus RS500

A hotter version of Fords hot-hatch. And no, you still can’t have it.

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Ken Block’s Rally Spec Ford Fiesta

Thoughts after the jump…

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2012 Ford Focus

Ford officially pulled the wraps off their next-generation Focus at the Detroit Auto Show on Monday. Finally, America gets the car the rest of the world has enjoyed for years!

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