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Cosworth STI CS400

Because everything is better in matte-black, Cosworth did an STI in the evil paint-scheme. Oh yeah, and there’s a whole lot of go to go along with the show (yeah yeah sorry, cliché statement)…

Cosworth created this black monster by re-working almost everything under the engine bay, resulting in a supercar-busting 395 HP and 398 lb-ft of torque. And of course, all the other essential components have been reworked as well, including the suspension, the breaks, the wheels, and the aero bits. They’ll be other colors at launch as well, but come on. You HAVE to get the matte-black pictured here! It’s just the most glorious color in the world for a performance car.

The results of all this work? 0-60 in 3.7 seconds! That’s Ferrari territory!! Sadly (and predictably of course) they’re only gonna be offered in the UK market, with a going rate of £49,995. Still, Coswroth has a branch here in the states. Hope for the future? Hey, one can hope right?

I can confidently say that I would take this over an M3 or C63. Seriously, I would. It looks the part, and goes like stink. And it’s a Subaru. I gotta maintain some brand loyalty here right?? Now I know what you’re thinking. Wait a second, didn’t you just making a post saying you’re over aftermarket cars?? NO, I said I was over modifying my car myself! I still love these one-off tuning packages companies do, as long as it’s from a respectable company who knows what they’re doing. Which Cosworth is, and therefore does.

Plus, MATTE BLACK!!!!!!

Source=[Cosworth via Autoblog]


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