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Subaru STI R205. And no, you can’t have this either.

Subaru releases details for a new hot-version of the STI. And no, if you live anywhere outside of Japan, you can’t have this either.

I’m sorry, I’m a couple days late with this one, but busy and all that. Anyway, Subaru a couple of days ago released details on their new R205 STI, which is the successor to the S204. No idea why the S turned into R, but whatever. What do you get? Beefed up STI suspension, a new turbo and exhaust setup which along with a re-tuned ECU pump out 316 Hp and 319 lbs-ft torque, and of course all the little bespoke accessories to tell others this is no ordinary STI.

I’d list to the price, but why bother? Subaru, along with what seems all other Japanese manufactures love to hoard all the good stuff to themselves. Seriously, they say they keep it there because there is no market for it here. Come on, we all know that’s BS. Bring over like just 100, and I guarantee they’ll sell. Now I wouldn’t buy one because there’s no way I’d be able to afford it, but I’m damn well sure there’s 100 people in America with the coin who would. Of course, I know there’s a lot of other red-tape to clear to bring a car like this as well (stupid American safety standards and all that), but it shouldn’t be that hard should it??

Anyway, head over to Autoblog for more details and full press release. And enjoy the pictures, because that all you’ll see of this car (unless you visit or live in Japan, in which case you’re awesome!).


One response to “Subaru STI R205. And no, you can’t have this either.

  1. Tokyo Car Club July 25, 2010 at 6:03 pm

    A number of limited edition Spec C’s and an R205 have both recently sold at auction here in Japan. Possible exports? though not to the US.

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