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HIIC Summer Shrimp Cruise 2010

Ah Summer, that can only mean one thing: car cruise with the Subaru blokes (and girls as well)!

So Summer time means it’s time for the iClub Hawaii Chapter’s anual let’s cruise out to the north shore and go eat shrimp cruise! However this year was special because this time we were stopping by the HelluvaRides show to help out with their charity for Lokahi. In case you don’t know, the Lokahi Foundation is helping to collect school supplies for children in need. So our first stop was the show to drop off our donations. I really love being a part of a group that is so active in giving back to the community. We do the AUW cruise, the Toys For Tots cruise, and now we can add this to our resume. Go iClub!

I should note though that due to work, I was unable to attend the entire cruise. I made it out to Chinaman’s Hat and had to turn around and head back to town, which means no shrimp for me! Boo. Well, at least I got to spend some time with some great friends and did manage to take a lot of pics! After all, the cars and people are what these things are all about right??

Anyway, here’s what you’re waiting for, the pictures! Enjoy.

That’s only a small sampling. Want more pics? Go to the FLICKR as always!


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