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MOAR Hot Hatches!

I’m sorry, I know all of you out in internet-land hate this car you’re looking at. “It’s ugly!!”. “It’s a Hyundai!!”. Yes I hear you. And yet I still can’t help but love this car. And in my honest (and questionably relevant) opinion, every car enthusiast should at least love the idea of this car, even if you can’t bring yourself to love the car itself.

Before I go on, I guess I should explain what exactly this car is (which you should know, because you’re reading this post.). It’s the new Turbo version of the sort-of still new Hyundai Veloster (a car I’ve admitted to liking a lot). Except in this one, they take the rather lackluster motor and stick in an engine a bit more befitting of a sporty-looking hatchback. The four cylinder engine is boosted to 201 HP and 194 lb-ft of torque, so the go finally matches the show. There are other changes here and there, but let’s be real: the engine and power boost are the real story here.

So, why should you love this little funny looking hatchback. Well, it’s a small sporty quick hatchback! You don’t need anymore reason than that right? You know, “drive a slow car fast, or drive a fast car slow”. I always feel that we as enthusiast have really lost touch with the former. And which is why I also feel that any car company that builds a small, underpowered car that you’d still want to thrash on a great road, deserves praise. Even if that car is a bit weird looking (it’s not ugly, I’m sorry, it’s not).


At Least They’re Trying…

So there’s this thing going on right now in the Motor City, the Detroit Motor Show. And as expected, many cars are being debuted. And here’s one, a mid-engined AWD supercar. And would you believe, it’s a Honda!? Yeah, the company that killed off great cars like the S2000, and the *real* Civic Si (which is now a joke of a sporty compact). They also killed off the brilliant NSX, well until today. It’s back. Yes, in case you’re a bit thick, this very car is the return of the NSX.

Yes, it’s a concept. But don’t worry, it’s coming. Or so they say. We’ll see, this is Honda after all. And while this concept is a stunning looking thing, I don’t know. For me, it’s missing that certain something. I don’t know, the looks the stats, it just doesn’t wow me. Maybe my tune will change when this thing get’s closer to production, but it just doesn’t wow me in the same way other supercar debutes do. Maybe Honda was just a little to late to the party? The LF-A and GT-R sure think so.

This Could…, SHOULD be Great….

Ladies and gentlemen, rejoice! The beige-ification of the automobile is not here yet, and a huge player in the game is showing you why. Not only do I want this car, but more so than that, I want it to resounding sales success. Here’s why…

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The 2012 Ford Focus is a Really Good Car, No Really!

Now I know YOU might think I’m going out on a limb now, but I’ve spent enough time around the 2012 Ford Focus to say that it IS a good car. No, not just good compared to the old car (because that’s a given of course, a really annoying back itch was better than the old USDM Focus), but good compared to the recent cars from Honda and Toyota. I can unequivocally stand here with my hand on my heart and say that I WOULD buy a Focus over a Civic or Corolla. And I’d tell my mom to buy one too.

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A Scion I’d Actually Like to Own!

Okay sorry Scion owners, the title may have been a little harsh. But still to think, this is a Scion!

*Note, this article was written for Speedhawaii by me on April 21, 2011.
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Hyundai Genesis Coupe: Take 3

Once again my journeys to the Big Island have enabled me to drive the 2011 Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Coupe some substantial miles over some great roads. And instead of bore you with a long post, I’ll just list things:

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Scion iQ Priced at $15,995……No That’s Not a Typo.

I know, I get it. I get this car’s selling point: it’s small and efficient transportation for those young hipsters who live in San Francisco or some other cluttered city. And said hipsters will pay whatever Scion/Toyota asks. But still 16K?? I don’t know, I can’t justify that price when for the same money you can get a Ford Fiesta or Mazda 2. Or hell, you could get a Fiat 500! The 500 is only a tiny bit bigger, but is a bit more useable and has so much more Italian flair. I just don’t get it, but again I know there are those out there who will pay the price for the iQ.

Don’t get me wrong, I do quite like the idea of a really really small car. Just a shame Toyota in their all-knowing ways decided the American market doesn’t need a manual transmission. Ah well, hipsters don’t know how to drive a manual anyway…



The Big One: 12C vs 458. My Choice…

So thanks to a recent Top Gear, my burning automotive passion has been ignited once again on a completely irrelevant (to the normal car guy) yet interesting (to the normal car guy) question: If some magical-mystical force said you could only have ONE car, which would it be?

Awhile ago when all the info on the brand new McLaren came to light, I was tempted by the McLarens mind-blowing-ness. Now though, after sitting here and thinking about it for the past couple of weeks after the Top Gear review aired (and yes, I have no life apparently), is my opinion on the MP4-12C any different?

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O Hai There Aventador…

You look QUITE sexy in white. And not just any ol’ white, matte white! Yes I know, matte is the new black and already is on the verge of being played out, but come on. Matte paint in general is awesome, and I think matte white is the best of the flat.

So Aventador, in my quite unrealistic dream, I would be ticking the boxes on the order form for the bianco canopus exterior paint with the terra semele + nero ade interior.

….oh sorry, just woke up. Excuse me while I go clean this bianco canopus mess out of my pants.


Hat tip to Autoblog for the pics!

My Take on The FT-86 II…

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