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Two Years in the Waiting.

After two years of waiting, obbsessing, and fawning over project FT-86, the time has come. Yesterday I finally took delivery of my very own 2013 Subaru BRZ. Quick impressions after the jump…

*Thanks R. Shiroma for the pic!

Sorry, gonna keep this one short. It’s Sunday, it’s sunny, and I should be out there driving some more. So here’s a list of quick impressions:

-Fits like a glove, love the seating position.
-Seats are awesome, although I could see how it could be too much bolstering for certain people.
-Shifter is brilliant. So much better than any Subaru shifters I’ve felt (and I’ve owned three previous, 2 WRXs and a Legacy GT). It rows through the gears a little on the notchy side, but super precise. Well, much more than the shifters in my WRXs. I really love Honda shifters, especially the one in the S2000, and this Aisin box feels nearly as good.
-After 4 years of turbo cars, it’s so nice to have throttle response! Sure power is nice, but the lag and dull-throttle have always annoyed and at times infuriated me. No issue here with the BRZ, I love the way this thing revs. So smooth and instant.
-Power and torque feels adequate for the type of environment I drive in. If you don’t know, Honolulu is one of the most congested cities traffic wise in America. So I never really feel the need for more torque at the moment. If anything it just gives me more of an excuse to rev the engine, which I’m only so happy to do (under 4000K rpm of course for now).
-I really like the way this engine sounds. I read a lot of reviewers complaining that it sounds trashy and raughty, but I don’t get that sensation. It has a nice, slightly deep tone too it. Almost like a GGGGRRRRRRR. I really think a proper exhaust would improve it’s vocals.

I love this car, and you’ll read why in a future post. Now if you don’t mind, my BRZ is waiting…


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