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BRZ, Up Close and (Not-So) Personal


Look, by now you’re all probably sick of hearing me profess my love for this car from the top of my blog mountain-top, and if you are I apologize for maybe over-saturating it. However, I’m NOT going to apologize for the borderline obsession I have over this car. I just cannot describe how much I love the idea of this car to you all! I want it yes, but even if fate cruelly disallows me to own one any time soon, I can still be content with the fact that this car is here, real-live in the flesh… metal for us as petrol-heads to enjoy! A small lightweight RWD car built for fun and driving pleasure, not for cocks on the internet full of their numbers and lap-times. I’m sorry, but as someone who pleads with the general public to think of the car as something MORE than an appliance and to think of driving as something more than a chore, I can’t help but shove this car in peoples faces. So one more time: I apologize for shoving it in your face, but I will NOT apologize for shoving it into my own.


This past weekend was my first time seeing this car (and sister car, the FR-S), with my own two flesh eyes. And I have to say, I’m even more smitten with it. A few things stand out to me, but the one BIG thing I can take away from it is it’s size. It’s a lot smaller in person than it appears in pictures, and that in turn I think makes it a much more attractive car in person than it looks in print. I think the size is absolutely perfect, but again, you’re talking to someone who thinks anything bigger than a Toyota Camry should be banned from the road.

Sadly, all we could do is look at this auto show, because as you can see the FR-S is caged like an animal, and the BRZ was presented on some sort of rotating plinth like a god. Bummer, because the big thing for me is trying the seating position. And another thing is feeling the steering wheel. It may seem like such a mundane thing, but I have some sort of fetish for good steering wheels, and a crappy feeling one can make or break a car for me. I’m in absolute love with BMW M steering wheels, and I’ve read that the BRZ.FR-S wheel is *somewhat* comparable. If it’s 60% the steering wheel an M3’s is, I will be a happy boy.

From what I’ve been told, we can expect the first shipment of BRZs to be here in Honolulu before the end of the month (April). And it’s going to be a bloodbath trying to get one (our local deaerlship is allowing NO pre-orders or holds, it’s going to be sold on a first come first serve basis). I’m going to try my hardest to get one, not because I want to say, like a hipster, that I got the first one. I want one as soon as I can because the waiting for my ideal car is agonizing. I yearn for it.

And I was originally set on the BRZ. BUT, spending a long time ogling the FR-S, I honestly can’t decide between the two now. I mean the BRZ comes with a couple of things as standard over the FR-S which interest me (HID headlights and Navigation), but I’m worried it might be too expensive for me. The FR-S’ price is perfect, and the only thing I don’t like are the chromed-out headlights. The FR-S gauge-cluster is a whole lot nicer to me though (White gauge-face tachometer is so ricer-cool!). But I honestly think I could live with the FR-S’ short-comings because in the end all the important bits between the two are the same.

As you can tell at this point I’m just splitting hairs between the two so I’ll cut this short. I’ll just say that I want whatever one works out for me at the time of their arrival. And I’ll also say that regardless if I get one or not, I will be driving both and will be sharing my test-drive thoughts right here. So, if you’re sick of BRZ/FR-S coverage, move on sorry. If you’re not though, stay tuned! It’s going to be a LONG month for me…


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