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Worth the Price of Admission

Alright I’m sick of the lot of you complaining that the FR-S (and subsequently the BRZ) is too expensive and not worth it. Wait, that’s a bit harsh. What I’m really sick of is the people comparing it to the *cheaper* Hyundai Genesis. Please, just listen and let me explain my reasoning…

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that this past week Scion announced that their upcoming sport coupe will be priced at $24,950 (incl. destination). And then the internet assploded. Stat-boys all over the nation began to bemoan that it wasn’t worth it. And their main argument? The Hyundai Genesis coupe. Particularly, the upcoming 2013 on, with a big bump in power (270ish HP I believe). Note how I highlighted power. Because it seems to me that the modern car enthusiast is only concerned about power. And if that’s you’re only concern, then my friend: 1) you’re not a driving enthusiast, just a car enthusiast; and 2) you just don’t understand the whole point of this car.

This thing (the FR-S) weighs (as near as makes no difference) 2700lbs. The Genesis tips the scales at 3300lbs. Think about that, that’s 600 lbs in difference! That’s three average American men! And it doesnt matter if I havent driven the FR-S yet, because I HAVE driven the Genesis. And I don’t care WHAT you say, you will be able to feel that 600lbs difference. The Genesis felt quick don’t get me wrong, and I’m sure that an extra 70HP can only make it feeler faster. But it also feels big. And when you look at the size difference between the FR-S and Genesis, you’ll see that the Genesis is big in comparison. Size matters. The compact dimensions of the FR-S will give it a nimble, balanced feel that the Genesis will never achieve save for a full-race stripdown. And as proper drivers know, proper balance and handling characteristics feel much better on the road than raw power shifting around bulk. And as I said, I don’t need to drive the FR-S to know this, the writing is on the wall. Just read about what Subaru did to build this car, the low center-of gravity, the fact that the engine is actually visually placed back lower and more rearward. If you know anything about cars you’ll know that’ll feel good to drive. And just read the outcoming reviews, EVERY publication that drove the car loved the way it felt to drive, some even calling it a game-changer. Those are BIG words, and I don’t think even an auto journalist would write them without some justification (unless Toyota’s PR department is THAT rich and they’re handing out money for rave reviews). Still dont believe me? Watching this clip of Chris Harris driving the GT-86.

I mean look how excited and happy he looks driving the car! And this is a man who owns a 911 GT3-RS 4.0! It can’t be a bad car.

Okay, forgive me because this has just turn into a full-blown rant defending what I love about cars. Look, I get that some people out there require power and numbers and lap-times for them to justify a car.And you know what, maybe the Genesis is the right RWD car for you.But me, I love cars that have that FEEL. Notice how I continued to highlight the word feel? Because THAT’s what’s important to me. And from what I understand the FR-S was built purely for feel, balance, and fun. Not speed, power, and lap-times. In the end, it’s different strokes for different folks. Look, it may not be worth it to you, and that’s fine. But for the rest of us?

Worth every penny. And I havent even driven the thing yet. I love it on the philosophy it was built on alone. I. Can’t. Wait.


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