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I’ve Got a Confession…

So I was recently re-watching this Chirs Harris comparo that isn’t really a comparo… just watch the film and you’ll get it. Anyway, I noted that (twice) in the video, Chirs bemoans people claiming the GT-R has no soul no character. And it got me thinking: You know what? I think it’s time I come clean about something…

Yup, I’m one of em. I am one of those “critics” who have, on more than one occasion, called the GT-R a character-less car. Now I know, you must think even LESS of me being that I’m not an auto-journalist and I have not driven one. Well joke’s on you, because I have. So technically I have more credibility on the subject than most of you reading this. BUT, I did in that very posting claim: “Don’t know why really, but to me the 911 just has more character than the GT-R.” And my friends will tell you I’ve always claimed the GT-R as fast, but soul-less. But I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I’ve come to conclude that I am a moron.

I mean, what other cars out there pack 500 HP, can grip the road like a fat kid grips his fork, and take 4 people in reasonable comfort? Not much. Plus, remembering my 35 seconds with the GT-R, the one word that stands out to me the most is brutal. The acceleration is brutal, the grip is brutal, the brakes are brutal. It’s just a brutal in your face driving experience. It’s not the “oh my god we’re gonna die” brutal, it’s more of a “HOLY F**K THIS IS FAST!!!” brutal. And surely, that can’t be “soul-less” right?

I’ll admit, Top Gear and Jesus Clarkson have skewered my views somewhat. I’ll even use this as a chance to admit that they skewered my views on the McLaren MP4-12C as well. But you know what? To hell with that! The GT-R is an awesome car. The Mp4-12C is epic. And I can finally admit the truth of the matter and not worry about going with the automotive-journalist flow. I wish I had a lot more GT-R in my life. You may still disagree with me, but that’s the beauty of it! You have an opinion! And I can finally admit that I have a solid opinion on the matter as well.

So does this mean that the GT-R has vaulted to my most-favoritist-car-EVAR spot? No, not quite. But it has moved back up the list, and I can finally feel confidant in saying that the GT-R has a soul. Yes, a BRUTAL fire-spitting tarmac-crushing soul. And thank the car-gods for it.


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