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MOAR Hot Hatches!

I’m sorry, I know all of you out in internet-land hate this car you’re looking at. “It’s ugly!!”. “It’s a Hyundai!!”. Yes I hear you. And yet I still can’t help but love this car. And in my honest (and questionably relevant) opinion, every car enthusiast should at least love the idea of this car, even if you can’t bring yourself to love the car itself.

Before I go on, I guess I should explain what exactly this car is (which you should know, because you’re reading this post.). It’s the new Turbo version of the sort-of still new Hyundai Veloster (a car I’ve admitted to liking a lot). Except in this one, they take the rather lackluster motor and stick in an engine a bit more befitting of a sporty-looking hatchback. The four cylinder engine is boosted to 201 HP and 194 lb-ft of torque, so the go finally matches the show. There are other changes here and there, but let’s be real: the engine and power boost are the real story here.

So, why should you love this little funny looking hatchback. Well, it’s a small sporty quick hatchback! You don’t need anymore reason than that right? You know, “drive a slow car fast, or drive a fast car slow”. I always feel that we as enthusiast have really lost touch with the former. And which is why I also feel that any car company that builds a small, underpowered car that you’d still want to thrash on a great road, deserves praise. Even if that car is a bit weird looking (it’s not ugly, I’m sorry, it’s not).


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