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The 2012 Ford Focus is a Really Good Car, No Really!

Now I know YOU might think I’m going out on a limb now, but I’ve spent enough time around the 2012 Ford Focus to say that it IS a good car. No, not just good compared to the old car (because that’s a given of course, a really annoying back itch was better than the old USDM Focus), but good compared to the recent cars from Honda and Toyota. I can unequivocally stand here with my hand on my heart and say that I WOULD buy a Focus over a Civic or Corolla. And I’d tell my mom to buy one too.

Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not talking about picking the Focus over an Si Civic of course (that’s what the upcoming Focus ST is for!). But if you’re talking about basic compacts, which most people who don’t know camber from Amber Heard end up buying, then I think the Focus is really the leader of the pack. It’s more interesting than a Toyota Corolla, has a much better interior than a Honda Civic, is better looking than a Chevy Cruze, feels more solid to drive than a Hyundai Elantra, and isn’t as “LOOK AT MEEEE!!!” happy as the Mazda 3. That being said, the Mazda 3 is the better drive hands down. But if you’re looking for the total package, there isn’t much that can top the Focus. And keep in mind, I deal a lot with rentals, which are more often than not the most basic and bare-bones versions you can get of a car. And even THAT Focus is good. I can only imagine how much better one with a few options ticked would be.

And that’s the main reasons I love the Focus so much. It offers so much in a small package, and it has an air of expensive about it. It really does FEEL more expensive than it is, in the way it drives and the way it presents itself. And that’s something none of the competition do for me. I know you’ll probably disregard what i’m saying here anyway and count the Focus out, because the general American public is so pre-dispositioned to think American car = crap. But if I can convince at least one prospective car buyer to stop, take the Japanese-rose-tinted glasses off their face, and check the Focus out, well then I’ll be content with that.




3 responses to “The 2012 Ford Focus is a Really Good Car, No Really!

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