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Hyundai Genesis Coupe: Take 3

Once again my journeys to the Big Island have enabled me to drive the 2011 Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Coupe some substantial miles over some great roads. And instead of bore you with a long post, I’ll just list things:

-Very comfortable over long distances, great budget GT coupe.
-The 2.0L tubor-four makes a pretty good noise, most of the time.
-Surprising amount of nimbleness when the road get’s twisty, never felt like I was out of control (with stability-control turned OFF of course).
-An electronic power steering feel that is not bad, to me. I like the weight of the steering, even if a bit electrically numb on center I’ll admit.
-Yes, it may be a rip-off of numerous designs, but it’s still a great-looking car.

-Too big, too heavy. You feel both of these factors when you’re really getting on it when the road gets twisty. The chassis CAN handle it, but could stand to benefit from a diet.
-2.0T is really lacking in power. Again, the big weight doesn’t help with this. Can’t comment on the 3.8L V6, never drove one, but I would think a chassis like this at least NEEDS that engine.
-The automatic transmission is really not that good. The 2.0T comes with a 5-Speed auto and while it lets you shift in your own via steering-wheel mounted paddles, the transmission jerks the whole car when you     up/downshift at speed. And it’s a bit slow on the up-shifts. Again, I’ve never driven the 3.8 which I believe comes with a 6-speed auto, so I can’t comment on that trans. I can however tell you that if you at all care about your driving, you’re going to get the manual anyway.
-The interior is still a bit on the cheap side. While it’s no Subaru of course, I still think that the 2011 Mustang has a slightly better interior. And neither can touch the 370Z (which is of course slightly more expensive).

So what are you trying to say here??
Basically, that the Hyundai Genesis coupe is an overall great car, and if you’re looking for a daily-driver two-door RWD GT car, I can’t imagine buying anything else under 30K. The 370Zs too expensive, and the Mustang and Camaro are too…..American (not in a bad way mind you, just that it takes a certain car-fan to love these sorts of car). Of course, if it were my money I’d opt for a 3.8L Track with manual gearbox. The auto is, for all intensive purposes hopeless, and the 2.0T simply lacks the grunt to deal with 3300 lbs of Korean coupe. And sure, this is no Miata or S2000, but then not every car-guy out there could daily drive either of those anyway. So yes, I still feel that the Hyundai GenCoupe is the best budget RWD coupe out there.

Now, if the 5.0 Mustang were a bit cheaper…


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