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A Scion I’d Actually Like to Own!

Okay sorry Scion owners, the title may have been a little harsh. But still to think, this is a Scion!

*Note, this article was written for Speedhawaii by me on April 21, 2011.

Well in all fairness, what it actually is is the Toyota FT-86 II concept with a scion badge and a new name. And an even sexier body. The FT-86 II was great, but for some reason I’m just finding this concept drop-dead gorgeous. Seriously, these press photos I’m obliged to use don’t do the car justice (go and look at the press photos from various auto websites if you don’t believe me). All the good stuff from the FT-86 is still there, including a 2.0L flat-four sending power to the rear via a 6-speed transmission.

Too bad when if it reaches production I seriously doubt that insane rear-diffuser and 20 inch wheels (with carbon-ceramic brake discs built into the wheel) won’t make it onto your local Scion lot. We can only hope that the production model will look 70% as good.

Considering of course there IS a production model…


One response to “A Scion I’d Actually Like to Own!

  1. Anonymous October 12, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    I would definetly rock one but preferably either the Subaru or Toyota version. LOl, thats just me though

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