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Scion iQ Priced at $15,995……No That’s Not a Typo.

I know, I get it. I get this car’s selling point: it’s small and efficient transportation for those young hipsters who live in San Francisco or some other cluttered city. And said hipsters will pay whatever Scion/Toyota asks. But still 16K?? I don’t know, I can’t justify that price when for the same money you can get a Ford Fiesta or Mazda 2. Or hell, you could get a Fiat 500! The 500 is only a tiny bit bigger, but is a bit more useable and has so much more Italian flair. I just don’t get it, but again I know there are those out there who will pay the price for the iQ.

Don’t get me wrong, I do quite like the idea of a really really small car. Just a shame Toyota in their all-knowing ways decided the American market doesn’t need a manual transmission. Ah well, hipsters don’t know how to drive a manual anyway…




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