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Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Come on, it’s a new Lamborghini! If that doesn’t get your passion juices flowing, you’re reading the wrong blog…

Now I know what you’re thinking: A) That’s not new, that’s just a Murcielago with a more aggressive body; or B) That’s not new, it’s just a Reventon made to be produced in high numbers. And I was sort of thinking same way at first. But spend some time seriously looking at it, and you’ll see that while it is indeed similar, it still has its own little individual touches that make it feel fresh and new. I particularly love the more narrow, sleeker headlights, and those ridiculously huge side-intakes. Many said the problem with the Murcielago was it wasn’t”Lamborghinig” enough, it wasn’t outlandish. And while this isn’t the Countach, this new Aventador looks like it’s clearly a part of the Ragging Bull lineage.

And of course the marvolous thing is that Lambo is now trying to be taken seriously in the sports-car world as well. And to take on the likes of Pagani, Porsche, and ol’ Italian rival Ferrari, the Lamborghini team has taken their time with this one, making sure the driving experience is as out-there as the looks. An all new 6.5L V12 producing 690HP certainly is a good place to start (and coincidently, or not, the Ferrari 599 GTO produces 670HP). And add in a body that is really on the lighter side of weight, thanks to Lambos commitment to the extensive use of that über material known as carbon-fiber, and you get a car that goes from 0-60 in a claimed 2.9 seconds (2.9!!) and a top speed of 217mph (although Lambo engineers report higher speeds in testing, can’t wait to see an independent test of that!). Throw in an all new seven-speed gearbox that can shift faster than a Ferrai 599 GTO (and yet is still a single-clutch type, and not a popular-now-days dual-clutch), and an all new F1 style pushrod rear suspension setup and I can confidently say that while this may not be the fastest thing on four wheels, it will be amongst the most fun. And V12s never sound like crap either.

Honestly, the amount of tech and engineering that went into building this car boggles the mind. I could go on and on, but fortunately a bunch of legitimate auto sites on the internets have done that already, so I can refer you to google if you want a wealth of that. I’ll just leave you with this: it’s a new Lamborghini. All is well with the world.



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