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What the World Really Needs: More Supercharged V8s!

Meet the 2012 Camaro Z28 ZL1. The most powerful Camaro GM has ever built. And somewhere a baby seal has just clubbed itself to death.

The tree-huggers will hate it. Which makes me feel all warm inside. Thank you GM for gracing the planet with some muscle-car madness goodness.

So obviously you want to know more. Well, in my mind it’s essentially a Camaro version of the Corvette ZR1 (get it? ZR1, ZL1? I see what you did there GM. Never mind that it’s actually named after a special-edition Camaro from 1969). It uses essentially the same supercharged 6.2 LSA V8 you get in the Cadillac CTS-V (which is also quite high on the awesome scale), which means probably around 550hp and 550 lb-ft of torque. Not quite ZR1 numbers, but you can’t get TOO close to daddy now can you? Besides, I doubt most sane people would struggle to enjoy having all that power underfoot anyway. And I might add, these numbers are pretty much spot-on with the 2011 Ford Shelby GT500. Coincidence? Duh.

And so that the Europeans wont laugh at us too much, the ZL1 is also equipped with the same type of magnetic suspension the ZR1 and CTS-V use. That means it’ll go around corners, and yet remain somewhat comfortable to drive. Not like you’d expect a super-muscle car to be comfortable, but well you know. And of course, no performance car is complete without a set of Brembos right? So they’re there as well.

Here’s the bit I love the most though, the interior. If you ever driven a current-gen Camaro, you’ll know that the interior isn’t exactly VW quality. And the steering-wheel is probably the same thing they use on nuclear-powered aircraft carriers. So I’m absolutely delighted that not only have they fitted what appears to be a better steering-wheel (which BETTER make it into the regular Camaros too), but the went and lined it along with the seats, shift-knob, and dash in that glorious synthetic fiber we all love: Alcantara. I love it. Just that touch of Alcantara with red-stiching is enough to win me over. I want this interior in my life.

No price was given, but I can’t imagine this thing being cheap. I would expect it to be easily north of 50K. And while the existence of a car like this in itself makes me all giddy, the fact that I’ll probably never be able to afford one makes me quite sad inside.

But even if I could afford one……I’d buy a GT500 anyway. I’m a Mustang guy after all. And then I’d have the Fords interior lined in Alcantara. Job done.


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