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Long Live the Hatchback

I’m going to say something about the new Ferrari FF that not many of you will agree with. In fact I’m certain quite a great many people will not like what I’m about to say. Okay, here it goes: I actually LIKE the new Ferrari FF. Flamesuit on.

Yes, I am aware that it’s almost a shameless rip-off of the old BMW Z3M Coupe (which by pure coincidence I also happen to like). And yes, I also happen to know that it’s not a proper Ferrari. Yes I get it, it goes against everything we’ve come to expect from a Ferrari. But I like that. As I said with the Hyundai Veloster, I like it when a company takes a risk. It shows they’re trying to move into the future. Sure the Tifosi may cry foul, but let em cry. I’m willing to bet 95% of those crying won’t be contributing to Ferraris books anytime soon (well, their Ferrari polos and caps may help a bit). As for me, I love change. I can’t stand it when a company becomes stoic (Toyota I’m looking at you). Oh yeah, and did I mention this thing is AWD? “What is this I don’t even…”. But hey Ferrari faithful look on the bright side, at least it ain’t FWD?

Also, it’s a hatchback. Come on, me and hatchbacks, you should know this story already. And now that even Ferrari is building a hatchback (okay shooting-brake if you wanna be politically correct, but come on…), I can sleep a little easier at night. I can only hope that a prancing horse hatchback will open the eyes of a couple more Americans to the joys of the hatch. In fact I’ll go one further, I hope Ferrari builds a wagon in the future as well, so we’ll fall in love with those again too (oh wait…)!

Sure, its not the best looking Ferrari they’ve ever made. Hell, it’s not even in the middle of the rankings of good-looking Ferraris. But it’s quirky. And I like that. Again as I said in the first paragraph, it takes everything you expect a Ferrari GT to be, and smashes that image into little hatchback-shaped pieces.

So go ahead motoring fans world-wide, cry about how Ferrari has finally sold it’s soul to the devil. Lament that the Ferrari of old is dead. The rest of us will move into the 21st-and-a-half century.


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