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My Favorites of 2010: Cars

Five cars of 2010 that caught my attention. One so much that I went and bought it…

As you may or may not know, my favorite car changes about every month week day. As I sit here (as of 10:46 pm Hawaii time, so I still have an hour and 45 minutes left before 2011!) trying to figure out how to pick a favorite car of 2010, my mind just races. I swear there are too much cars I enjoy. The Louts Esprit concept, the Ford Focus ST concept, the Audi Quattro Concept, the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, I could go on and on. However I forced myself to narrow it down to five, so without further ado…

2011 BMW 1 Series M

I know that this just got revealed, but still it was in 2010, so it counts. I posted about this car earlier in the month, and after thinking about it, I really feel I’d take this over the E92 M3. Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new realistic dream car!

Porsche 918 Spyder Concept

I’m supposed to hate this car. I can’t stand this stupid green movement everyone seems to be buying into. And all that being said, I am absolutely smitten with this car. It looks like a sexier Carrera GT. And it still has bonkers performance, even with its incredibly lofty (claimed) 78mpg figure. So if the 1 series M is my realistic dream car, could this be my dream dream car? That’s a tough one actually (Ferrari 458 or Lamborghini LP560-4 are tied for that spot), but it’s certainly near the top.

2011 Ford Fiesta

Just so you don’t think I’m only about the expensive cars. I actually have a lot of love for the everyday regular cars, as long they signify some sort of move forward. And I really think the Fiesta does, in America anyway. I’ve actually driven one, and can honestly say that if I could afford to own two cars, one would be a play car and my daily would be a Fiesta. I was close to buying one, luckily (or not?) Subaru got the 2011 WRXs in before Ford got the Fiestas. The Fiesta, in my opinion, is not the best overall car even in its segment (that’ll be Honda’s ONE good car, the Fit), but it IS the most fun to drive. Which is why I’d have it.

2011 Ford Mustang GT

If the 1 series M was my realistic dream car, then this Mustang is my realistic… I’m going to own in the future.  Okay I pictured the Boss 302 version (which is in every way AWESOME), but that’s not a realistic goal. I do intend to seriously shop for a “regular” GT model in about two or three years, hopefully the used one’s will be right smack dab in my price bracket. I know what you’re thinking, “why would you want that live-rear-axle American piece of unreliable crap?”. Easy, M3 power games for blue-collar money (i.e. I can AFFORD ONE!). And I’ve actually driven parked a few. And I like them, honestly. They’re easy to drive everyday, and come with Ford’s Sync system, which I have to admit works. Call it sacrilege, call it crazy, whatever: I want a 2011+ Mustang GT sometime in the future, the end. I’ll say it right here: The 2011 Mustang is the NEW everyman’s American sports car.

2011 Subaru WRX

I mean come on, I bought one right? There, post done. I will add though that I do regret not going with my gut and getting the hatch. Instead I let outside influences affect with my decision and went with the more popular sedan. Not complaining, just regretting it a bit.


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