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2012 BMW 1 Series M: Yes, I’d Like Some of That!

The M car the M3 should’ve always been…

BMW (finally) revealed the details on their BMW 1 Series M, the car they’ve been using to give us the biggest cock-tease in the history of forever!! But, it’s finally out of the bag and here’s the facts I care about: 335 HP & 332 lb-ft of torque, with an over-boost feature that gives you an additional 37 lb-ft of torque. A nice touch I must say, just because anything called over-boost is just cool. Sure it weighs as much as a small moon, but then you remember that big-brother M3 weighs as much as a medium-size moon. Then that sort of lackluster sounding power figure doesn’t seem that bad. It does 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, and is limited to a very German 155 mph. What I love most is that the initial run is only available with a 6-speed manual, no double-clutch nonsense here (yet, BMW have been sellouts in the recent past…). And all this M-goodness will cost you around 45K, a bit cheaper than an M3 coincidently…

You may have noticed that I threw in mention of the M3 a couple of times there didn’t I? Well I know everyone hates to do it, and yet they still will: you have to ask yourself if you’d seriously choose this over the M3. Both have their plus and minuses if you take numbers out of the figure. And since this is my blog, I’ll make my choice: I’d take the 1. Really. It seems like the more raw of the two, the more M of the two really. Sure, it’s an M car with turbos, but still, it just seems to exude the aura of an M BMW much more than the M3. In my way of thinking, the 1 Series M is what the E92 M3 should have been, and the M3 is more like an M3.5, or M4? Anyway, you get the point.

And at any rate, my opinion is moot because I am the worlds biggest BMW fan-boy (who hasn’t got a BMW coincidently), so I think everything the M-division churns out is like a little piece of GOD (X5 and X6 M non-withstanding). And in the end, I’ll probably never be able to afford either. Sad Panda…



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