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2500 Miles with the 2011

So 2500 miles in now with the 2011 WRX. And let me see, yup, I think I still love it!

I do have an issue here though, and it doesn’t have to do with the low-rent interior (yet). When I was first looking at buying one, I was torn between the hatch and the sedan. I’ve always been a hatch guy, I love hatchbacks and never understood why they never caught on in America. It really pained me, but as you can see I went with the sedan. Everyone I asked told me the sedan was nicer and would be more unique. This is a problem I have, I sometimes rely too much on the opinion of others instead of going with my gut. And while I said that I do sort of like the way the sedan looks, after staring at it for about 2+ months I’ve come up with something: to me it seems like the Impreza was designed to be a hatch from the start, and the sedan version looks like the hatch with the back roof cut off. And now when I look at it, I can’t help thinking I should have got the hatch. The hatch just looks more…..right. Sigh, I knew this was gonna happen…



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