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Lamborghini Sesto Elemento: is GO!

Yeah, so remember a couple of months back when I posted about the insane Lamborghin Sesto Elemento concept car? I remember saying that I doubt this wild car would ever see the light of production as is. Well, it turns out I might be wrong!

The 570HP, 2200 lbs car has apparently received the green-light for “limited” production from the big-wigs at Lamborghini. And when they say limited, they mean 10 units. Remember the crazy Murcielago-based Reventon? Yeah, think of this like that, except a Gallardo-based hyper-car. Sure, the expected cost is probably going to be in 7 figure range, but it still warms my heart knowing the world will be a slightly better place now that we’ll have 10 of these carbon-Lambos running around. I wonder if Top Gear’s gonna get a hold of one…



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