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Honda CR-Z Hybrid-R

You know, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a car post. So, why not bring them back with this. Now, this is a hybrid I can sort of get behind. I admit that I was never a fan of the CR-Z, and to be honest I’m still not. But for some reason, the ricer inside me (don’t lie, you know you all have one too!) really sort of…..likes this Hybrid-R concept Honda put out for SEMA. The numbers are still lacking I guess, but 200hp and 175 lb-ft of torque isn’t bad right? Sure, the normally aspirated Civic Si makes the same power numbers, but this is a hybrid remember? And I should point out that the car this is based (the racing version) on wasn’t built for all out speed, but built for endurance (racing). Then the hybrid thing starts to make a little more sense. Sure, it’s no 911 GT3 RS-H, but at least Honda is trying right? Right??

However cool this thing is though, and thank the lord it’s seen the light of day to begin with, there is slim chance Honda will actually build something like this for normal people to buy at dealerships across the country. So yeah, yet another cock-tease from a dying sports-car company. Oh well, at least the aftermarket will almost certainly let you build your own Hybrid-R if you so desire.

Credit as always to Autoblog for the pics!!


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