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BMW 1 Series M vs E92 M3


As I was reading Autblogs post today about the upcoming (and unbearably teased) 1 Series M coupe, it got me thinking: If this 1 series M is supposed to be what the M3 was, which would you choose? The modern interpretation of the classic? Or the modern-day bruiser? Straight-Six or V8? I know I know, the 1 series M is not anything like the original E30, but I think it IS that close to what the E46 M3 was, which many hardcore-ers claim was the last great M3. So in my honest opinion, it’s a valid comparison.

My opinion? Honestly?………..I’d take the V8. Sure it’s not a like the old Ms and sure it’s a big softie compared to the old ones. But in the end, I’m just a sucker for big ol’ v8 engines. The E92 is just the total package IMO. Sure, it’s distilled and it may be an affront to the breed. But that doesn’t stop it from being the best sports-saloon out there. And as for the 1 series M? Meh, (even though I drive a Turbo car i know!) I’m still of the opinion that NA > Turbos, simply for the fact that they just FEEL a whole lot more responsive, and therefore add to the driving experience.


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