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Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (Concept)

Paris car show 2010 means tons of concepts and car reveals! And I start off with a little Lambo.

Now, I could have started off with the Focus ST (which I kinda did actually). Or I could have done the insane Jaguar C-X75 green supercar. Or perhaps the brilliant looking Audi Quattro concept? But no, I had to start off with the Lambo. Why? Easy, Lamborghini. That’s all I gotta say! It’s a new Lambo!

And the figures behind this concept, the Sesto Elemento (even the name screams awesome! Don’t believe me? Just say it out loud, seriously), are what boggle my mind the most. I’ll get straight to the point: 570 HP V10. That’s nothing special, the current Gallardo Superleggera has that kinda power. But, it weighs just 2200lbs! No, that’s not a typo. This thing has 570 HP and weighs as much as a second-gen CRX! That’s INSANE! An estimated 0-62 mph sprint takes 2.5 seconds, which just shows you how fast this thing is. Seriously, that’s just a nuts power-to-weight ratio. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised though, everything that could be is made out of carbon-fiber on the car.

Now, the catch is this thing is still a concept. And I doubt that if it ever does hit production, it will weigh that little. Still though, I also sort-of like the way it looks. At first I thought it looked too wild, too out there. But then I realized: It’s a Lambo. They’re supposed to be wild and out-there. And in that case, mission accomplished. Is this the next Murcielago? Doubt it actually, but if this is a whole new car they plan on building, you can add this to that (quite long) list of car’s I want but will never be able to afford!



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