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2012 Ford Focus ST

I give you the American bound Ford Focus ST. Did I buy too soon??

Short answer? Nah. My WRX still has the big advantage: AWD. Still, 245 hp and a very stunning body make a compelling case for the hot Ford, set to be reviled at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. I remember posting about the 2012 “global” Ford Focus way back when I started this blog. I said that I loved the direction Ford was going with the design, and this hot version only backs that up. Okay, the gold paint is a bit garish, but other than that it’s not bad. Although all that being said, am I the only who sees a little Mazdaspeed 3 in it? I’m just sayin…

On thing I can’t argue with is the interior:

As you may or may not know, I am a sucker for gimmicks. And the STs cabin seems to be full of them! Case in point: the faux carbon-fiber that’s littered EVERYWHERE within the cabin. Ricer much? Who cares, I approve. It’s better than the endless miles of hard plastic in my Subaru.

So we don’t know much else about this car, but we do know that it’s planned to be released in “all global markets” some time next year. That means that the Mazdaspeed 3 and the Volkswagen GTI better be on alert: Ford’s finally joined the party in America! Now, about that RS Ford…


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