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2012 Ford Mustang BOSS 302

Yeah, you can go ahead and add this to my list of DO WANTS.

So Boss 302, apparently that means something to the Stang-boys (<-Mustang+fanboys, see what I did there?). Look, I’ll admit that I’m no fanboy of the mustang (okay, maybe NOW DAYS I am, but not so much growing up), but I do know that the Boss 302 was, in some peoples words, the best Mustang ever built. Pretty high standards for the new one to live up to then huh?

The facts: Everything is improved. The end. Oh, you want some specifics? Better breaks, better suspension, better clutch, and a short-throw shifter are all part of the plan. And then there’s the power, which is up to 440 HP and 380 lb-ft of torque. Wow, who needs an M3 indeed? Well, I wont go there, because that’s been known to cause some nasty debates as of late…

The best part for me though?

A steering wheel, wrapped in ALCANTARA!!! Alcantara is such a wonderful material. If you’ve never held an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel, do it. You’ll end up like me and think that anything less is crap. I would wrap all the steering wheels in the world in Alcantara if I could!

Oh yeah, and you also get…

Because we know all the serious cars have Recaros.

Yeah, as you can tell I’m completely smitten over the new Boss. I don’t know, it’s just something about it that pulls me in. Would I choose one over an M3? Well, that depends if money is a factor. If it isn’t, no way in hell. If it is? Well, I don’t want people flaming me but…(*psst* I’d take the Boss!)
It’s just a shame that I know there’s no way in hell I could afford one. No official price I could find, but I expect it to be north of 40K, because a well-equipped GT is around there. Tell you what though Ford, let me spec that Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel and I’ll seriously consider a V6 Mustang. Deal? Deal? No? Boo…


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