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Well That Was Fast…

The "Beater", originally uploaded by touge-n00b.

…yeah, the CRX is gone. In case you don’t know, here’s the short version: I shouldn’t have bought the car, the guy who was selling it was ripping me off (didn’t tell me about back-taxes and the salvage title, as well as lying about various other things), and I’m a fool for being suckered into it.

The whole experience left me sick, and in the end, I didn’t want to pour more money into a car I should have never bought. YES, it was a good car, but I was kidding myself thinking I could maintain an older car. Well, I take that back, I think I could, just not that particular one. Left me with too many bad memories, which is a shame given that it wasn’t the car’s fault at all, just the squishy organic bits that sit inside. Hopefully the new owner, who seemed happy to have it, will treat it better than I ever could.

And yeah, I think if it’s better that I just save money for now. Although there is a first-gen turbo Legacy for sale……….NO, must resist!!


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