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Randon’s DA9 Integra

Going back to my Honda roots, and checking out my friends DA Integra.

While I currently hate Honda as a company as they are now, with the extreme green movement they seem to be taking (*cough*CR-Z*cough*), but that certainly doesn’t mean I hate their old cars. I love the late Eighties early Nineties Honda’s, the EF Hatch, the CRX, and of course, the DA9 Integra.

And my friend Randon has one fine example of the DA9 Integra. It’s got a DOHC VTEC engine under the hood, and some JDM goodness. Which include a *rare* Spoon exhaust:

And some really tasty *real-deal* Mugen wheels!

I also happen to know that while there might not be much done, the things that are there make this car a wonder to drive! The previous owner used to Auto-X it, so you can see the intent this car was built with.

So Honda, and the rest of the car manufactures who aren’t reading this, remember your roots! This is what we want: light-weight, high revving engine, fun to drive. That’s all you need! that’s what we want! Eff your hybrids!

Hmmm, seeing Randon’s car makes me really consider buying a “beater” car for myself……anyway. Thanks to Randon for the photo-op!


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