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“I prefer MotorTrend over Modified”

I’ve very recently begun to notice a big change in relation to the way I love cars. A lot of thoughts after the jump.

It was over the weekend at the annual Friday meets I do with the HIIC guys here that I began to realize something that has been in my mind for quite a long time now. At the meets, a lot of the guys love talking about what they did,  or intend to do to their Subarus. You know, gearhead stuff, like changing a turbo, and asking what supporting mods would go well with it. Or comparing suspension setups seeing how each one handles differently. You know, stuff like that (I’m assuming you know if you’re reading this blog, unless you’re of course an anime fan then yeah!). There was a time in the not so distant past that I was exactly like that and could talk that stuff for hours a night. However this particular Friday night, I really noticed that quite frankly, that sort of talk was getting boring, and I’m sorry to say this, a tad bit annoying.

In the past I used to love (trying) to work on my car and learning how to do things. Now though, I’ve grown increasingly lazy and indifferent to doing these sorts of things. In fact short of basic maintenance I won’t. And even basic maintenance, like changing oil and other fluids, I have to psyche myself up all day just to get myself off my ass to actually do it. Hell I wash my friggen car about once a month now. Now I will admit that a lot of this IS due to my new levels of laziness, but listening to the guys chat up engines and such this past Friday, I’ve realized that it’s more than that. I’ve simply lost interest in the whole modifying cars thing.

I’ve been into this whole car-modification thing since early high-school, so I really can’t remember why I got into it in the first place. It’s kinda scary, I been doing it for so long (10+ years is  long for a guy as young as me!) that it kinda just became second nature and you have no idea it’s just a phase. And when the phase is over, it leaves you feeling empty. I will admit that I’m not quite over it completely, but as I said earlier, just talking about the kinds of stuff is just lame to me now.

Now, I take it you’re probably thinking that I’m getting over cars in general, when that certainly isn’t the case. My love and passion for the automobile still burns bright as ever. However now I find myself loving to talk about new cars, showroom cars to be more precise. A good analogy would be: I prefer Motor Trend magazine over Modified Magazine. You get it?

I find that in my current state, I don’t need a rock-stable suspension and a million horsepower to keep me happy. I’m much more concerned about how a car feels. I know that statement is getting a bit cliche with me, but I cannot emphasize enough how much it means to me. It’s the reason I used the Ford Fiesta as the cover pic. It doesn’t have a 300HP AWD setup, but it’s still fun as heck to drive, anywhere! And it’s also the reason why I don’t much care for my Legacy anymore, but I’m sure you’ve heard that one a million and one times already. And now days, that’s what it’s all about for me! It’s all about the passion of the drive. That’s what I find myself much more interested in now days, the actual drive of a car. As I’ve told a few of you in person, I’m not an engineer, I’m a driver. I don’t care HOW it works, I just care that it does it. See now why i don’t find much interest in the modifying thing?

Of course, I’m NOT completely over the whole modifying thing. I know whatever my next car is, I’m going to throw rims on it. And some sort of other appearance mods if it needs it (the Fiesta does hint hint). But now days, the talk over aftermarket turbos and bigger sway bars, it just doesn’t do it for me. It’s kinda sad knowing a phase of your life is slowly ending, especially when that phase of life was as big as it was for me. But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and it’s looking like it’s time to move on. I just hope my love my cars doesn’t die in the future as well, because I plan on (hopefully) making a career out of talking about cars!

I’ll see you in another life, brother.” <——-Yeah sorry, the Lost finale is still fresh in my head!


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