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2010 mps3

2010 mps3, originally uploaded by MobyDee.

Okay, I know most of you will think I’m bonkers, but at the moment I am in love with the new 2010 Mazdaspeed 3. I got to see and sit in one today, and I have to say I’m sort of impressed. Yes, the interior shows that this isn’t an expensive car, but it’s not bad. And I know a lot of people hate the big smile in the front, but it’s growing on me. I’m not going to call it great looking, but it certainly isn’t ugly to me anymore. Why do I love the exterior? Easy, it’s different. It’s non-conformist, non-traditional. Mazda took a lot of gambles with it, especially the love-it-or-hate-it parrot-fish face. I like the GTI because of it’s classic stylish look, and weirdly I like the Mazda for the complete opposite reason. I know I’m a bit weird, but that’s truly how I feel.

I love hot hatches, this you know. And here in America we’re limited. Would I choose this over a GTI? Tough call, price would defiantly be the deciding factor though. And how about over the WRX hatch?? Ohh that’s a tough one. A year or two ago I’d choose the WRX because of AWD. Now days though, I’m not so sure the AWD system in the WRX provides that much of an advantage over the FWD Mazdaspeed. After all the test numbers between the two are awfully close. And you can’t argue with numbers. That being said, the Mazdaspeed is the only car of the three I haven’t had a chance to drive, so I have to reserve judgment based on that.


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