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The “Dream”: Marcy’s MKI MR-2

The next best thing to me getting a car I’ve always wanted is a friend getting a car I’ve always wanted!

I love MKI MR-2s. I’ve always wanted one, because I’ve always wanted to experience what it’s like to drive a Midship-RWD car. And as far as those go, your only choice as far as affordable to the avergae person was the MR-2 (well there was the Pontiac Ferio, but come on!).

Marcy’s, which she bought from a friend,is very tastefully modded, which is to say there isn’t much, but it’s more than enough! Gotta love the Work Mesiters! Real-deal FTW!!

Why is my post title the “dream”? Well, Marcy is a girl, so of course she named her car. As male enthusiasts, we know we would NEVER name a car, after all the factory gave it a name! But since she is a girl, I’ll let it slide. Anywho, the car was name Yume, which is Japanese for dream. There, get it? (I should note that I believe the previous owner named it?)

Anyway, nice car, great day to shoot, and I love my HDRs! And, you know this was inevitable: I want one myself now. Damn, my “cars I want” list is growing VERY long…

Check the rest out here: Flickr Set Shameless Plug!!

And check out the pics friend of the blog John took! I can’t compete, 5D MKII + L Lenses.


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