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They’re Here…..

The 2011 Fiesta’s are coming! They’re set to be released in May, and the internet has exploded with reviews from online publications. Here’s a sampling:



Motor Trend

Car & Driver

The one I look at the most is Jalopnik. They seem to be the no nonsense kinda guys us normal petrol-heads can relate to, while the other publications try to impress you with numbers and stats. And if Jalopnik likes it so much, it must be a crackin car. I have to say I’m rather surprised that all these publications seem to say the same thing about the Fiesta, which tells me that either Ford’s marketing hand stretches wide, or this really is a damn good car. Anyway, check out the reviews yourself. And now I can’t wait even more. Damint Ford, why must you tempt me so!!


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