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Top Gear USA Confirmed

Well, some interesting news crossed the wire today. Seems the American version of the insanely popular British motor show Top Gear has (finally) got the green light and is slated for release this fall on the History Channel. And as an insanely rabid Top Gear fan, I’m kinda worried. I know there’s absolutely no way in hell it will match up to the British version, after all I can assure you that Clarkson and the boys receive a MUCH bigger budget. The thing that worries me is that it will sully the good Top Gear name to all the unwashed masses as a boring car show. I have no idea about the other two hosts, but I am familiar with Tanner Foust, and while I’ll admit he’s a bloody good driver, personality wise he’s no Richard Hammond. I’ve seen a show he hosts on Speed Channel, and he himself is quite boring to be honest. He doesn’t seem to have the wit and sarcasm that Clarkson, Hammond, and May have. And for me, that’s one of the things that separate Top Gear from all the other motor shows out there. That being said, maybe he’ll improve for a franchise as illustrious as Top Gear? I sure hope so. And I sure hope I’m wrong and the program is a huge success, as it can only mean good things for the original if the American spin-off is successful. But I just have this nagging suspicion that it’ll almost certainly be shi……

SOURCE=[Top Gear]


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