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Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Yes, this is another one of those “I hate living in America sometimes” moments…

Why? Because in all of their infinite wisdom, the car companies of the world deem it fit to keep all the good cars from our fat, overweight KFC-grease drenched fingers. This upcoming Alfa is a prime example.

I know the styling is hit-or-miss, but its a hit with me. I absolutely love the way Alfas look. This thing is designed to compete with the Golf and the (Euro) Focus, and I think it’s better looking than both.

And then it absolutely murders the interiors of the VW and Ford as well. Alright, maybe the Golfs is up there, but not by much. If there’s one thing Alfa is good at, it’s style. Alfas are cars you buy because they look brilliant, and this one is no exception. I mean, just look at the seats!

Sure they may not be the sportiest, but they are gorgeous. And check out the double-sunroofs!

I’ve heard Alfas haven’t been that great to drive as of late, but they can’t be that bad right? It can’t be as bad as a Korean car, so I could perhaps sacrifice some driving dynamics, for the looks and the “passion”.

Honestly, why would you buy a Honda civic or Mazda 3 , or even a VW Golf if you could have one of these?? And with a Quadrifoglio Verde on the way, why would you buy the GTI? Oh yeah, because we don’t get this car in America. Chrysler is owned by Fiat now, so give us our Alfas dammint!!

Although all this being said, I’d still have the GTI. You’re welcome for wasting your time. ^_^



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