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2011 Scion TC…..Blargh

The New York Auto Show is going on this week, which means a lot of new car reveals (*cough*2011 WRX*cough*). One such reveal is the all new second-gen Scion TC. And I have to say: Yuck, what an ugly car. Okay, maybe it’s not THAT bad, but it certainly isn’t good. Such a disappointment, the Scion TC was a car that had so much potential for Toyota, and yet all they can muster is a two-door corolla (and I don’t mean an AE86 Corolla). I mean sure, they improved the performance somewhat over the outgoing model, but it really isn’t MUCH better. I have to say that save for Subaru, Japanese manufactures are certainly letting me down when it comes to sporty cars now days. And people wonder why I’m so obsessed with Euros and Fords now days…

Head over to the Autoblog post for full details on the improvements, if you really care. Which I don’t…


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