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AutoTRAGIC Crew Shoot.

So for once I could actually take some decent HDRs! So of course, I have to share.

I had a rare Sunday off, so I HAD to take advantage of course. Plus, I still haven’t really had a chance to play around with my Sigma 30mm 1.4, so I was itching to take some picks. So my friends Walter and Elway invited me out west.

Campbell Industrial Park, late on a Sunday afternoon is a perfect spot for pics!! I’ve always liked the industrial type backdrop, and was pretty stoked about getting to shoot in front of the refinery. Shooting in the middle of the road is nice too!

The reason I call us the AutoTRAGIC crew is because all of our cars are automatics. Yes, FOLs….

After we finished at Campbell, we drove down the road to Barbers Point Beach Park, for some sunset-lighting snaps. Man, I love this lens!

All in all, an awesome photo day for me. When it comes to HDRs, I’m on-again off-again, and yesterday I was on it! Personally, I love the way my HDRs turned out. Maybe it’s the lens?

Big thanks to Walt and Elway for accompanying me!

Check out the rest at my Flickr Set!


2 responses to “AutoTRAGIC Crew Shoot.

  1. Reese March 22, 2010 at 6:24 pm

    Damnn, those first two shots are gold! We gotta shoot there sometime 🙂 haha
    Btw. what happened to those volks?

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